Bernie Lorenz Recovery

Parent Organization: Prelude Behavioral Services

Location Information

4014 Kingman Blvd, Des Moines, IA, USA

Phone 5152553373

Bernie Lorenz Recovery offers a home-like, substance-free living environment for women who have completed primary treatment and are preparing themselves to live independent, successful lives, free of substance use. Dignity and respect are the basis of the 60-90 day program designed specifically for women.

Discharge planning from the Bernie Lorenz Recovery program begins upon admission. Counselors assist the women in arranging for safe and appropriate living accommodations, finding employment and/or continuing their education, developing a budget, establishing structure for their daily schedule and support system, and enrolling in a continuing care program to maintain their abstinence from alcohol and drug use.


  • Supported residential living


Women who have completed primary treatment.

Intake Process:

To refer a patient to Bernie Lorenz Recovery, please email


Residential Program is staffed 24-hours a day

Handicap Accessible: No

Appointment Needed: Yes

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