Future Ready Iowa

Parent Organization: Future Ready Iowa

Location Information

Des Moines, IA, USA

Phone 5157253882

Future Ready Iowa is an initiative to build Iowa’s talent pipeline. Education or training beyond high school is the new minimum to earn a living wage. Careers today and in the future require advanced knowledge and/or technical skills. The goal of Future Ready Iowa is for 70 percent of Iowa’s workforce to have education or training beyond high school by 2025.


  • Job training and education
  • Career opportunities
  • Apprenticeship training
  • Career assessments
  • Adult learner resources
  • High school learner resources


Open to anyone

Intake Process:

Search for services onlines, call for information, or complete the contact form at www.futurereadyiowa.gov/contact-us.


No Cost to Participant

Handicap Accessible: No

Appointment Needed: No

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