Able Up Iowa

Previously known as Iowa Able Foundation, Able Up Iowa helps people of all abilities become independent by providing solutions to financial needs and empowering them to achieve their financial goals.

Able Up Iowa, formerly known as Iowa Able Foundation, is non-profit organization that helps people of all abilities become financially independent by providing solutions of financial needs and empowering them to achieve financial goals.

Since 1993, they have provided an accessible borrowing option to Iowans for purchasing products and services related to living independently. Able Up Iowa offers lower interest rates, credit building, emergency funding, and forgivable loans.

Information about the specific loans offered is available on the Iowa Able Up website.

  • Loans for the following:
    • Assistive devices
    • Home modifications
    • Vehicle modifications
    • Service and support animals
    • Home repair
    • Vehicle repair or purchase
    • Education equipment
    • Employment equipment
    • Credit builder loan
  • Financial Counseling
  • Resource Counseling
  • Credit Coaching
  • Benefits Planning


Loans are available to Iowans with a disability, diagnosis, or long-term condition, Iowans who are ages 55+, and their families.

Intake Process:

Applications available on the website. Paper copies can be requested and mailed by calling 515-292-2972.

Along with the application, Iowa Able needs the following documentation to process loan requests:

  • ​​2 forms of identification
  • Income verification
  • Expense verification
  • Quote for the equipment or project

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Website: View Website